2 People


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San Vito

Apartment (Up to 4 People) Two-Room

The apartment is located right on the main square of Omegna which overlooks the characteristic Palazzo Comunale and where for a few hundred metres, from the locks of the lake to the Omegna Forum, there is a well-known hanging walkway on the Canale Nigoglia appreciated for its romantic tenor.

The square and the barriers are connected to the promenade on Lake Orta where you can find typical bars, restaurants and shops.

At about m 300 you will find the Canottieri beach and its beautiful Bar/Restaurant.

La Tua Casa srl, tel +39 0323 401337, Verbania Street Rigola 27, Italy
Mo-Fr 9.30-13.00 14.30-18.00, Sa 9.30-13.00
P.I. 01757000037